Custom Machining

Sunyi Precision Engineering consistently delivers high quality Precision CNC Machining service to clients across all industries. We worked tirelessly over the years to perfect our skills in CNC turning and milling to meet increasing expectations from customers. Till today, we have built up a full suite of hardware and software to provide a 1-Stop CNC precision engineering service center with customers worldwide.

For clients who require custom cnc parts, Sunyi Precision is always ready to deliver on time and in line with their expectations. Our CNC auto lathe also produces highly reliable custom parts. This was how we have continuously excelled in our business for the past 25 years.

Our components comply with and exceed standards like ISO, DIN and ASME, through the use of advanced CNC turn/mill machines. By continuously investing in new machines over the years, we have more than 20 high-end CNC turn/mill machines to meet and exceed the manufacturing needs of our customers.

Machine Capabilities For CNC Autolathe
  • Round Rods/Profile from Diameter 1mm to 42mm
  • Hexagon Rods/Profile from 3mm to 36mm
  • Square Rods/ Profile from 3mm to 36mm
Machine Capabilities For CNC Turning
  • Round Rods/Profile from Diameter 1mm to 200mm
Machine Capabilities For CNC Milling
  • XYZ Travel Axis: 500mm x 300mm x 450mm
Custom Machining Service using CINCOM A20
Quality Assurance

We are a ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a tracking system for every batch of order placed by our customers. Our quality inspection center comprises of all essential QA instrument and equipment such as Carl Zeiss Vista CNC CMM for contact measurement and Mitutoyo PH-3500 for profile measurement.

First article, in-process, and final inspections are consistently conducted on all products to ensure quality in every batch produced by Sunyi Precision Engineering. Material certificates, Certificate of Conformance and Inspection Reports are available upon request at no additional charge.

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