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Sunyi Precision Engineering is an established turnkey solutions provider of precision machining services based in Singapore. We have accumulated over 25 years of experience and honed our skills in a wide range of precision manufacturing service. This includes our CNC turning and milling service with state of the art technology and machines.

Our expertise is also in custom fasteners for our clients which includes reworking and modification of fasteners to suit the most minor requirement you want. Our commitment to produce high quality fasteners will guarantee your satisfaction. Browse through our website and contact us for a quote.



For Custom Manufacturing and Fasteners Rework Services

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Benefits of Precision Engineering

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The creation of products with high precision is given great importance and focus these days. This has resulted to the application ...

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Cheap Fasteners Quality Issues

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In the purchase of any other products, including fasteners, the budget is of great consideration.  But, giving too much focus on ...

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Understanding Qualities of a Custom Fastener Manufacturer

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Deciding to acquire and investing in custom fasteners is also deciding for the right vendor or supplier.  This is because of ...

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