At Sunyi Precision Engineering, we provide total solutions to all your machining needs through our technical expertise and multi-disciplined manufacturing processes, which include multi-spindle automatic lathes, multi-axis CNC machining centers, grinding, secondary operations, assemblies, induction hardening and coatings.

CNC Turning / Turn-Mill Machines


S/N Machine Model Axis Machining Dimension


Max Ø (mm) Max Lg (mm)
1 Citizen Miyano BNC 42-C7


4 125 200
2 Citizen Miyano BNC 42-C5


4 125 150
3 Citizen Miyano BNC 42-C3


4 125 150
4 Miyano BNC 34-C2


2 34 150
5 Miyano BNC 34-C2


2 34 150
6 Citizen Cincom A20 Type VII (With Twin Spindle) 5 20 3000
7 Citizen Cincom A20 Type IV (With Twin Spindle) 4 20 3000
8 Citizen Cincom A20 Type II

(With Twin Spindle)

4 20 3000
9 Citizen Cincom L16 Type VI

(With Twin Spindle)

4 16 200
10 Citizen Cincom L16 Type II


2 16 200
11 Star RNC 16 2 16 200


12 Citizen Cincom BL12

(With Twin Spindle)

3 12 60

Multi-Spindle Multi-Axis CNC Auto-Lathe Machines

Our fleet of 13 multi-spindle multi-axis CNC autolathe machines allows us to work on smaller, high complexity parts where both speed and part accuracy is critical. Sunyi Precision Engineering has been supplying high quality precision components to an extensive clientele of local and overseas MNCs in the medical, electronics, hard disk drive, optical and automotive industries.


Cincom A20 Autolathe
High Speed Solution for Complex Parts
Max Dia: 20mm


Miyano BNC-42 C3 Autolathe
For Medium Sized Autolathe Parts
Max Dia: 42mm

CNC Turning Centers

Our new CNC turning centres are equipped with an additional ’C’ axis mill/drill function for productive and high accuracy machining of turn-mill components. Products manufactured are generally used in the oil & gas, construction, military and aerospace industries.


Miyano BNC-42 C5 CNC Turn-Mill
Max Workpiece Diameter:5"


Miyano BNG 42 C7 Turn mill
Max Workpiece Diameter: 125mm

4-Axis CNC Machining Centres

Our CNC machining centres are equipped with rotary attachments to perform 4-axis positioning work on complex, multi-sided parts where reductions in setup time and part dimensional and positional accuracy is critical.

S/N Machine Model Axis X Travel Y Travel Z Travel
1 KIRA Japan PCV-30 4 500 300 450
2 KIRA Japan PCV-30 3 600 400 300
kira PCV-30 Production Center

Kira PCV 30 Production Center
Travel Range(XYZ): (500.300.450)mm

NIKKEN CNC Z180 Compact Rotary

NIKKEN CNC Z180 Rotary Table
for 4th axis machining

Major QC Equipments

Carl Zeiss Vista CNC CMM (for contact measurement)

Carl Zeiss Vista CNC - QC Equipments

Mitutoyo PH-3500 (for profile measurement)

Mitutoyo PH-3500 - QC Equipment