CNC Turning And Milling Service Australia

CNC Turning And Milling Service Australia

Now You Can Have CNC Turning And Milling Service Australia – Cheaper/Faster Than You Ever Imagined!

Are you curious about knowing the difference between CNC turning and milling service? Or are you interested in taking one of these services? Whichever the case is, we are fully equipped to provide Computer Numerical Control machining services to all industries.

The main factors why these two are popular among high production-seeking businesspersons is because these services offer improved speed, accuracy, reduced prices, and better repeatability.

Commonly, both services use a model created in a 3D computer-aided design software. The design is converted into a CNC program and programmed into a CNC turning and milling service in Australia as per the customer’s choice.

These services work with a wide range of designs, patterns, and details that are unsuitable for manual work. After having a prototype and inspection, with the exact measurements and thicknesses, a process can produce the same product with a high degree of reliability.

Also, these services are popular to increase production speed. The ideal materials in both processes include metal, wood, plastic for turning, plastic, composites, and metal for milling.

The compatible materials include copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, titanium, and aluminium, to name some. With us, you have the excellence of CNC machining that’s CNC turning and milling service in Australia for high production runs of thousands of parts with high accuracy and fast delivery system.

Also, the differences between these two services also depend upon the function mechanism, operations, and shapes produced. For instance, turning is when the workpiece does not stay in a place but rotates, and the cutting tool does its job.

Whereas milling is a process where the cutting tool moves and rotates while the workpiece stays in a fixed place. In technical terms, the first one provides knurling, boring, drilling, taper turning, and straight turning. But the latter one includes face, plain, and angular milling. In summary, and last, if you are looking for CNC turning and milling service in Australia at cheaper rates and fast turnaround, get in touch with Sunyi Precision Engineering. We accept all projects, whether cones, hexagons, both symmetrical or non-symmetrical shapes.

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