Special fasteners machine from scratch

Can’t find specific fasteners from standard catalogue to suit your needs? Damaged a consignment of expensive screws? Sunyi Precision Engineering is an experienced custom fasteners manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience. We have consistently invested to deepen our technical capability and workforce to handle higher value projects.

With our advanced machinery and skilled labor, we are able to offer low-cost fasteners rework and modification services starting from S$20.00 with minimum order quantities (MOQ) as low as 5 pieces. We cover a range of custom fastener services including Cut Length, Deburring, Threading and Turn Shank.

We bring value to our clients through a disciplined and methodical approach to precision engineering manufacturing. Feel free to contact our technical team to discuss about your specific requirement. Contact Us now.

Modification and Rework Capabilities

Boring (Drill Hole / Venting)

Venting and Boring Custom Fasteners Service by Sunyi Precision Engineering

Cut Length

Cut Length Custom Fasteners - Sunyi Precision Engineering


Deburring Fasteners Rework and Modification - Sunyi Precision Engineering

Threading (Tapping)

Modifying Fasteners by Threading - Sunyi

Turn Shank (Breaking off Thread Teeths)

Modifying Fasteners by Turn Shank - Sunyi Precision Engineering