Cheap Fasteners Quality Issues


In the purchase of any other products, including fasteners, the budget is of great consideration.  But, giving too much focus on price matters could lead to sacrificing the quality of the product one is buying. Low quality products are unacceptable and this must be given careful thought in every purchase most especially if the customer looks for custom-made fasteners, bolts or any other item.

By going for quality rather than price, buyers would not only save themselves from spending time complaining to the suppliers. Most importantly, they will be able to save themselves from the problems that come along with buying cheaper products and possible headaches just to end up obtaining new fastener from another manufacturer.

Just to give an overview, the following are some of the mostly complained issues buyers have to deal with upon buying cheap fasteners:

Shorter life-span. Durability is among the major qualities of high- quality fasteners whether they are generic or custom-made. Such products that are bought for fewer bucks usually lack this because their manufacturers are not obliged to meet the expected life span for such. Generally, their objective is to meet the price expectations thus using lower quality of materials.

Product failure. Products that are bought cheaper for prices usually satisfy the wallets of many BUT NOT for a long-time. Sooner or later, the product will fail to perform its function or use thus obliging buyers to either march back to their suppliers for a replacement or buy new fasteners.

Problem with installation. High-grade fasteners come with comprehensive installation instructions.  Lately, these instructions are even backed up by online video demos to make it even easier for the clients to install. Those that are bought cheaper, although not all of them, lack the necessary instructions on how to properly install the items. Because of this, buyers end up getting annoyed or in some case – installing the fasteners wrongly.  In a much worse scenario, they even break the items which only lead to buying new ones thus incurring unexpected expenses.

While there are fasteners available for much cheaper prices, they usually lack the standard of quality that other manufacturers are proud of. Quality often comes with price and buyers must be prepared to pay that. Anyway, items bought at certain prices are still good deals if buyers would rate them in terms of durability, strength, functionality and other factors relevant to fasteners.

Of course, there are still companies that manufacture fasteners at reasonable prices and could still compete with quality. But, in order to find them, buyers must spend considerable time looking at their history including portfolio and years of experience in the business.